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Air Distribution
All the standard Steel & Aluminum Grilles, Registers, Diffusers, & Slot Diffusers, and some specialty items to include Remote Activated Diffusers, Thermal Diffusers, Architectural Slot Diffusers, and Spiral mount products.

Terminal Units
Pinch Down and Fan Powered VAV to include low profile units, ECM motors, and a patented Center Averaging Cross Flow Sensor. VAV selection software available for download on the Carnes web-site.

All styles of fans to include PRV, Wall, Inline, Wall and Roof Prop, Ceiling, UL762 grease rated, and now Roof and Wall mounted Direct Drive fans are available with ECM motors for quieter more efficient operation. Fan selection software available for download on the Carnes web-site

Louvers & Dampers
The expanded Louver and Penthouse offering includes different blade styles, combination Louver / Damper, wind driven, and all color and construction options.

Fire Dampers
A complete line of Fire Safety products, to include Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers, Fire/Smoke dampers, and Radiation Dampers.

Energy Recovery
Carnes has provided for nearly 50 continuous years Energy Recovery solutions. Carnes AHRI 1060 certified Energy Recovery Wheels, Ventilators, and Mini Systems offer a full range of size and options to provide maximum energy recovery, and minimum pressure drop. The new WP Core type ERV’s offer enthalpy or sensible recovery with low profiles and less moving parts. ERV selection software available for download on the Carnes web-site.

Carnes introduced the first Disposable Cylinder Humidifier to the United States in 1969. The Carnes Lumatic capacity ranged from 3.3 to 86.2 pounds of pure steam per hour. Seven generations later, Carnes Humidifers can operate on a signal your BAC system, and provide efficient proportional controlled steam outputs to 200 pounds per hour. The output can be field adjusted to 25% of the maximum performance rating, for long life of your steam cylinders. The cylinders change out in fifteen minutes, and there are not training and disposal issues with acids / cleaning products quired for “cleanable steam generators”. Humidifier selection software available for download on the Carnes web-site.

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